Colin O Reilly UCC Demons Head Coach gives his taughts ahead of the upcoming 1st game of the season

“It’s always very exciting to begin the first game of the season. While pre season is the foundation for everything that the team does, it can also be quite frustrating for players as all we want to do is get on the court and test ourselves against the rest of the league. There has been a lot of changes throughout the team this year for various reasons so we feel we have a long way to go to build the cohesion necessary to compete weekly in the league.
With the changes we have to adapt a different style of play and introduce new schemes throughout to accommodate the new players. There is a nice freshness to the squad which has led to some intense competitive sessions that we will look to carry through the next month of training and games to build greater cohesion among the group.
First games of the season are generally sloppy affairs so whichever team can limit their mistakes should come out on top. We are under no illusions how difficult a task it is to try beat one of the league favorites but as always we will go out there and compete hard for the Club, Members, fans and Sponsors.”