Colin O’Reilly, C&S UCC Demons Coach:
Today is another proud day for all members of the Demons club. On the year of the 50th anniversary it is great to have achieved back to back league titles. This year’s success has been a continuation of the hard work laid down since the summer of 2014. We have had a number of players come and go in that time but each one stayed true to the teams cause, parked egos and individual accolades to the side for the benefit of the team.
4 league losses over 3 seasons is an incredible achievement and the group should be remembered for the consistency and commitment shown throughout. Never within the club has this group of players attitude been questioned so lifting the Trophy will give great satisfaction to fellas who were subject to unfair negative reporting in local print only a brief few weeks ago.
We will enjoy the day as a club and as a team set our sights on defending the Champions Trophy in 2 weeks time.