C&S UCC Demons Coach Colin O’Reilly, 4-Oct-2015:

While not the result we wanted I feel we can be pretty happy about the performance for the majority of the game. For us it was our first time as a group playing together and there was always going to be a few teething issues along the way. For the 33 minutes of the game we led we were doing the right things but just couldn’t get the momentum for various reasons to kill the game off. Our lack of familiarity with each other probably cost us in that aspect but that is something we know will come in time and hopefully bring with it the killer instinct. We will learn and move on from this. To play the league favourites on their home gym in the first game of the season gives us a nice measure of where we are and where we feel we can get to. A few tweaks on both ends of the floor should help us move in the right direction. There is a long way to go yet and we will be taking the season one training session at a time.