Colin O’Reilly, C&S UCC Demons Coach

Cup Final day is always a special occasion for the players. It’s the time of the season where all the basketball communities eyes are focused on one game and outcome. For us however it’s a case of treating it as another 40 minutes where as a group we need to prove ourselves and reward ourselves with a good performance that hopefully brings the desired result. We were in this exact same situation last year so from our point of view it will be easier to separate ourselves from the occasion and focus on controlling the controllable aspects of our play. We have been on a great run of form the past month, where our performances have peaked and everything has clicked into place.

Saturday against UCD throws up a new challenge for us. They are an established club with good veterans who have won plenty of games throughout their career. They are also very hungry to succeed and have based their whole season around this cup campaign. From that perspective it makes them a very dangerous opponent and one we will have to perform to our max to beat. This week our preparations are all built around limiting UCD’s opportunities and executing our game plan at a high speed.

The players are looking forward to the challenge and will leave everything on the floor to defend our title.