The team is growing.

After a good start to the season we now have a break from league play and take on UCD in a two leg cup first round. The two leg format is one I’m familiar with having competed in them a number of times in England and is a format I’m a fan of as it adds more rivalry and intensity to every match up. The team that adjusts best over the two legs usually wins. With that in mind it’s good to look back at the excitement our match up with UCD brought in our two legged affair in 2009. We tied our first leg and ran out winners the second day in a result I would take if offered again right now.
Looking at our team as a coaching staff we are very happy with each individual. The team is growing as we become more accustomed with each other’s play. Our style is high risk, high reward and one that takes time to implement but the players have picked it up very quickly. We will continue to tweek certain aspects of our play going forward looking for improvements in each position. There is a good buzz and excitement around the team and we will look to continue our winning ways Sunday.