A mention has to go to the fans.

We had a nice win against UCD. It was not as comfortable as the score suggests and it took a huge second half effort to get us over the line. Our first half was a little flat but we still managed 47 points which is pretty good going. Our zone however was not working as planned but it kept us out of foul trouble which meant we could spend the second half in an aggressive man which forced turnovers and resulted in lay ups. The beauty of our team is that every week different fellas step up when needed. This makes it hard for other teams as outside of Lee we have no stars and everyone is in it to help the team. A mention has to go to the fans today. They helped rally us in the third and made life very hard for UCD to play in a hostile Mardyke. It means a lot to the players and can be a game changer. For us it’s another step towards our goals and if we clean up a few mental errors we will be a very tough team to beat.