Thank you to the fans who made the Arena a home court.

Cup wins are always special and judging by the celebrations every club member enjoyed this one. It was great to see stars of the future mingle with the stars of the present. The game itself went to form with us over running them in the third quarter. Our style of play was excellent and each individual put their bodies on the line to get the desired result. However now we move onto the league again. The league title has been our goal all season as this is where the best team in country comes out on top. We are back training and gearing up for another tough physical battle on Sunday. After the elation of the past weekend it’s important we do not come out flat and give Inter a foothold in the game. We will try jump on them in the early going and force our style of play on them. Also thank you to the fans who made the Arena a home court advantage for us. Hopefully the Mardyke is rocking in the same way this Sunday.