Colin O’Reilly, UCC Demons Head Coach:
Our 5 week road trip comes to an end this weekend against much improved Eanna team in Dublin tomorrow. These past few weeks have been a real grind for us as a group. We have produced the victories on the road however at times we have found it hard to gain any rhythm or momentum that playing in the comforts of our home court would bring. Again the injury report is not working in our favor as it seems every time one player recovers another goes down. This has really restricted our practice time and led to a few growing pains as a group but the important thing is we have continued fighting and committing to each other.
Performance wise you can see glimpses of our potential. The goal has to be to see can we piece together a 40 minute performance on the road. The key for this will be bringing the right mentality to every possession of the game and to make sure we respect the ball at all times.