We enter the last third of the season in a familiar position. We have still struggled to find a consistency in training which has carried over to games and has cost us down the stretch as we do not have enough continuity or chemistry built up over the previous 6 months. We have had some fantastic individual performances offensively over the past month however defensively due to training issues we are not in sync as a group and are relying on players who are playing large minutes to have to play to much 1 on 1 every throughout the 40 minutes.
We are currently the leagues leading scorers so that is something we have improved on but defense is a game by numbers where everyone has to be committed each time down along with a lot of hours on court together to try synchronize rotations while figuring out each others tendencies. We will keep working away as there is a long way to go in what has been an unpredictable season for most teams bar UCD and see can we put together a run of form and consistency that will hopefully lead to a champions trophy birth.